Airport goes missing when landing

Hi, I keep having this glitch always happen when I am landing…
When I am about to land and touch the runway… the entire airport goes missing! the runway, the taxi way, etc. all that remains is dry dusty ground…

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Is any message displayed prior to this? Like Device memory low?

From schyllberg from another support topic like yours!

Most likely corrupt files, or a local connectivity issue.

First try with a device restart, and if that doesn’t help a reinstall should help. Report back, and if the issue persists we’ll go from there :)

Nope!! no message. it’s a regular issue. and it’s a iphone SE, only apps I have is IF and apps for IF

I did try all those several times, same thing happens every day i fly

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I have had this in the past but I tried Clear Scenery Cache and restarted my device

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Okay are you ready!

have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app!

Usually solves most issues!

You must need atleast 1 Gb Free when running Infinite Flight. Check if your global server is checked as Red.

at the time it was all green! :) and I have more than 1 GB

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Give this a go!

yes, as I said above lol. have done this several times!

Okay ah… Just want sure

Have you tried my idea

what was yours?

This one @James_Follette

How do I clear my scenery Cache? I will do it before I do my return flight.
would I have to uninstall the app and then reinstall?

  • Clearing Your Scenery Cache. (Settings > General > Clear Scenery Cache > Yes)

Can clear Scenery Cache when ever!. Even in flight

No go to Settings>General>Scroll down to bottom of page then press clear scenery cache then press yes it’ll not delete the IF app but you’ll need to restart the app

I have tried in Flight but it threw me out I’ll advise him to do it when not in flight


@James_Follette what’s the news