Airport glitch


I just flew into VIDN. Dehradun/ Jolly Grant. The airport is north of Delhi (VIDP)
I landed at night.

Only 1/15 of the ruway was loaded and only half the apron was there. I litterally landed on the runway which was probably 80 metre in length and the rest was grass.IMG_2458 IMG_2459 IMG_2461

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Try clearing scenery cache, located in Settings -> General. This should solve the problem. In rare cases this may not be enough and you will need to reinstall the app. Be aware that by uninstalling you will lose your replays.

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Why did this happen?
I have landed at way busier and larger airports and everything is fine.

This usually happens when your internet connection gets interrupted, which causes the scenery to stop downloading mid-way. This means that not all of the scenery for the airport gets downloaded, which results in the effect you see here. It’s usually nothing to worry about.


Yup!! Just check your internet connection, buddy. And try spawning at the same airport.

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