Airport gate restrictions

hello! since i just got back to flying i would like to ask why arent all gates in LAX that accommodates large wide body planes like the 777-300ER are closed like terminal 4 gate 44 in LAX


Infinite flight uses satellite information to create airports, gate 44 is closed, or doesn’t exist on LAX

The airport can handle the aircraft, but that particular gate may not be suitable for the 777 or other heavies. Another example of this is the Box Terminal on the south side of the airport. They only handle regional jets, so you wouldn’t find any heavies there.

Hope this helped, welcome back to the community :)

ohh okay thanks everyone appreciate it! :)


The Editing tool Infinite Flight uses often doesn’t allow gate sizes to be perfect, that is probably the case with this particular gate, if this gate are meant to accommodate heavies in the first place.

We always want to be as accurate as possible, but sometimes it doesn’t work. I’m sure it will be resolved at some point or another.

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