Airport Gate Maps

This post builds on a 2017 (closed) topic but with the recent release of airport diagrams it seems very relevant.

The way I operate on IF is very realistic. I depart airports at the same time the actual flight departs IRL and I pushback from the same gate that the flight pushes from IRL. The only problem I have is finding the arrival gate.

I would like to see gate maps added to the airport diagrams in future updates. This would add an additional layer of realism to the game, and would allow users like myself to have a fully realistic flight.

Original topic post:

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Hey! Just for future reference, there is no need to create a new topic to advertise an existing one. You can always bump up a topic by commenting on it (such as explaining why it’s needed), just don’t do it constantly as it may result in the mods closing it. In this case sine the topic you’re mentioning is closed, consider creating a new one in #features once you become TL2! Other than that, have a good one and stay safe!