Airport Gate List

Does anyone know where I can find a accurate gate list for all the gates at SFO?

I dont know if this helps:


I usually just do a google search and look in images or a website


i meant a list specifying the gates and what airlines use them. Sorry if it wasnt clear

This should help. Just type in the airline and it should show you which terminal.

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I use Navigraph charts but they cost. Totally worth it because you can use it for Xplane11 and it has every airport chart you can name.

I just look at google earth and try to see what airlines park at them 😂 but I couldn’t find any way else.

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Google is da wae for me.XXXX gate map is how I’d do it

You can also use Flight Aware to see which gate a flight departed, and often the arrival gate.


Usually if you go to the airport’s website, they have the airlines listed out and the gates they occupy. Below you’ll find the link for San Francisco Intl. Airport (KSFO). Either click through, or use the search bar in the link below to find your airline. You’ll find a spot where it says View Map just below the airline phone number. Click on View Map and it’ll redirect you to the map of the terminal and the area/gates that the airline occupies.


Thank you so much this has been such a great help, somebody can close this topic now.