Airport Frequencies Not Showing


As shown by the image, certain frequencies are not showing up on the atc menu and not showing up on the airport atc menus either when clicking on the airport.

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This is an issue that is being looked into.

Most have had success exiting the ATC menu and going back in to refresh the list of frequencies. This seems to happen when a new frequency is opened.


Temporary Solution:

Go into map and select the airport, you’ll see all the frequencies with a button TUNE, click on that and you’ll be tuned to that frequency.
This worked for me as I have the same problem.

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  • Maxim V

Hehe, I’ve noticed this recently. I’ve been sent on guard warning but the frequency isn’t there. As someone else said here you can tune in by clicking on the airport from the map.


Im thinking i thought my connection is a bit slow

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