Airport Fix

Infinite flight. Can you please revamp La Guardia terminal B. It would be a nice addition.



Please take note that the Airport Editing Team is made up of volunteers, if you want to it to be edited 100% join them

Anyways LaGuardia it is a famous airport, maybe some editor revamp it shortly


Yes im an airport editor and i shall ask someone on there im sure theyre happy to help

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Thanks for the report.

Thought I’d give a longer explanation to this. When a significant change happens at a large airport, much like LaGuardia, the Airport Editing Team is often aware of it quite early. This is no exception. As is often the case, finding quality satellite imagery is the main holdup. Because of this, requesting or “informing the team of” large construction projects often does nothing to help the team along.

As for LaGuardia specifically, I am the person who’s going to take care of the changes. Because the renovation is so widespread at the airport, I have elected to wait until imagery is sufficient for the entire airport. While I could likely edit only Terminal B at this point, it would be far easier to wait until the entire project is over. This also goes for airports like DCA and SLC.

Hope that gave some insight into our process.