Airport fix for Airport EDLW Dortmund

Pleas move to the correct category i don’t know wher it hase to be set to.

ther is somthing frong when you spawn in whit an aircraft you spawn in whit the nose to the “building” thats wrong at Dortmund here an pic from Maps to proof that the planes are standing whit Nose to the Runway and tail to the “building”

if you wanne see more proof pictures just look at Maps and the pictures at the Airport


That is actually pretty interesting! I wonder how they board business class

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@Latvia there mostly fly low budget airlines Wizz Air Eurowings and Ryanair so ther is not much business class

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Still, there’s priority boarding

yeah they get there by bus or on foot


yesterday i was there and saw how the passengers left the Plane and walked to the building

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Hey there!

I have brought this up with the other airport editors but currently this is a low priority and will be fixed when we have time to squeeze it in. I’m on vacation right now unless I would fix it. Thanks for pointing this out though



There is nothing wrong with the Airport. Most Aircraft in IF Spawn facing the Terminal than facing against it. It depends on the Airline / Pilot if they want to Park normally or Request a Tug Truck.

No, this is certainly an issue for the Airport. At the Airport Editing Team, we are supposed to take into account the way spawns are facing, which was clearly not done here, this usually would result in an airport being rejected and not put into the simulator, but as @Balloonchaser already stated:

Hopefully this clears some things up, cheers. :)

-Aceorbit, Project Minnesota Editor


yeah that could be right but at Dortmund there is every plane parking whit tail to Terminal i was at friday tall day ther and every plane parked like that so when every plane at that day parked like that its not just some time it is every day like that i think so it has to be fixed and yeah @Balloonchaser sayed the will fix when theres time

not all Aircraft park in reverse. As i said they need a Tug Truck to do that. IF don’t have Tug Trucks and you can’t do a 360° Rotation with a A319, A320 and B737 at Ramp / Gate. That’s unrealistic.

Here is a good example of a video:

Credits: Alpino21NRW

but we have pushback thats the pushback truck in IF. and an 360° is not unrealistic at EDDG you have to do that when you will be realistic because the don’t have pushback trucks so you nedd do an right 360° to taxi to runway they do that there every time.

and also in that video most of theme parked backwards and the one that didnt wernt directly on the terminal the were parked at the left side directly in front of the visitor space.

You can do 360° rotation if there is a lot of space. but if you have all gate occupied, you can’t make a 360° Rotation. You just clipped with other aircraft. Dortmund is a small airport.

As i said before it depends on Pilot, if they want to park reverse or not. But most airport don’t. That’s is also the standard way.

i don’t know what you have whit your 360° at Dortmund the aircraft taxi to terminal and will be pushed beckwards to terminal. and if the get an parking position at left side of the terminal at (Parking lot 3) they have enough space and just taxi stright in to parking position as normal. whe also can just stopp the argumentation.

I’m not arguing. i’m just telling what’s is FACTS, realistic and Professionalism. there is no reason to change anything at dortmund airport. That’s my point here.

here it says why the plane parks backwards and at Dortmund directly at the Terminals is not much space beween parking and taxi way at left wher mostly the park normal there is more space between parking slot and taxi way.

to make it simpler here an picture from the web site wher it is explained

the Aircrafts parking at the Parking slots in the yellow sircle parking normal whit nose to building the other parking lots are to near at taxi way and because of security the parking backwards to terminal so there is enough space between parked Aircraft and taxi way.

@Balloonchaser thats also an nice to know for your team for the edit. that there is difference that some slot are back ward and some normal

so we are both right the park backwards and in front but it depends on wich parking slot the use. so IF Airport Editing Team has to change only the slots directly in front of Terminal to backwards and thos that are on the left side the can stay as normal parking in front.

Yup, i agree with that. It depends on the Gate or Ramp.

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