Airport Fencing

This might be a little strange but it could be a nice feature.

By adding airport fencing this could show the proper outline of air fields and airports.

+ More realism
+ Outlining Airports
+ Highlights airports


  • This would be a nice addition
  • No, it’s just stupid

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Nice request, its pretty easy to add (we can add one over the boundary we add). But not all airports have fences


It’s really just the major airports or, as I suspected that the smaller airfield most likely don’t use fences. :)

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TNCM has a fence. ;)

People hang over it to have the joy of riding the “wake” of a 747 :D


I did that with the Air France A340 there ;)


This may not be so easy as it may require some serious work on the rendering engine, as this is essentially no different from a 3D building.

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The only thing 3D are the planes so some changes would need to be made.

Nice picture

It would be a nice touch!

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