Airport Experiences

Anyone else ever slept in a gate seat? I think I broke my back…


Also, I just found out that I will be doing this again tonight. How lovely! :/

The gate seats in Frankfurt that I slept in are pretty comfortable

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It’s a different story in Johannesburg…

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Have you been through the entire airport? There might be a public lounge somewhere with better seats

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There are lounges, but unfortunately they aren’t public.

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In Dublin it gets really annoying because they randomly swab bags for drugs ect. and they always choose me. Only once did I get away without getting checked.


That’s pretty unfortunate. Can you not leave the airport and stay in a hotel or something until you get rebooked?

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Well, maybe… I think there’s an airport shuttle to some hotels here.

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Whenever I travel I usually fly through Frankfurt and I’ve had to spend the night there multiple times before (even 3 days once) but the airline normally pays for at least 1 night and you can just leave and come back the next day. Since you were already in South Africa you should be able to get a hotel and not sleep in the airport

There’s the problem. We flew a budget airline to Jo’Berg, and I know as a FACT they don’t give out vouchers. Anyway, back on topic, if you want to continue, go ahead and PM me.

When I was going to Tirana from Gatwick, our flight got delayed by 9-10 hours. The south terminal was completely packed, there were hardly any seats and I had to wait until 19:30 to actually eat something because every food place was full. Also when I was going from Vienna to Stansted, our flight got delayed again and because we were boarding at G37, we had to walk 10-15 minutes to get a sandwich and there were only 4 small shops near the gate

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I have a good one other than the one in the main post:

I was visiting my grandparents in Phoenix, and like every other vacation, it had to end. So we went to Sky Harbor, and waited for my flight. (A bit of background knowledge for ya, my father works for an airline, so we get free flights on STANDBY. That will become important very soon.) Once we made our way to the gate, my dad checked the seats. We were cutting it VERY close; if someone with higher priority checked in, we were done. And guess what happened!!!

We tried another flight that came later in the day; same thing happened. We tried a third time, and I think you guys can see a trend here.

We went back to my grandparents house to get some sleep and try again tomorrow. I was still baffled how we couldn’t get on 3 times. Then it hit me: the Masters (a bit golfing tournament) was taking place in Atlanta, hence why so many people were trying to get there. Not only that, but this occurred during spring break, so that was happening too. My grandfather was kind enough to drive us down to Tucson, where we planned to catch another flight. We were sitting at the gate, and can you guess what happened!?!?

Once again, we tried to catch two more flights out of Tucson, but to no avail. It was getting dark, and this became the first time I slept in an airport. When we woke up the next day, we saw a flight straight to Atlanta with 15 open seats, but we missed it by about 10 seconds. It was then we decided “bump this, lets just get a connection.”

We had a few choices: Seattle, Minneapolis, or New York (JFK). We tried getting on a flight to Seattle, and there were 2 seats open! However…

There were 3 of us.

The next flight we would be able to catch would be Minneapolis. It looked like we wouldn’t get on, but there was this one elderly woman who catered to our situation and allowed us to take her seat. I felt guilty to do this, but she insisted. Around 9 AM on the third day of trying to leave Arizona, we finally made it out.

Once we arrived in Minneapolis, we hunted for a flight back to Atlanta. There were plenty of flights, but the gate seating was full, so we assumed the flights would be full. And with our luck…



Cliffhanger much!!! 😂

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With our luck, there were no open flights that morning. We tried 2, but both flights were completely full. At this point, we hadn’t eaten anything for a day. A friendly Delta employee offered to give us some money so we could get a quick meal. It was McDonalds, but to me it tasted SO good.

After having our first meal in days, we felt slightly more confident in getting on our next flight. And there were 3 seats open 5 minutes before they called us out. My dad went up to the gate agent desk, and…

found out that one of the seats had been taken.

We were all tired, despite it being 2 pm. So we gave up for the day. We spent the rest of it lounging in the airport. Keep in mind this was in Minneapolis, so it was someone cold outside.

The night came, and we searched for a place to hunker down. We were about 15 minutes into our search endeavor when we found a sign that said “Atlanta Passengers” with an arrow pointing straight ahead. Apparently, the layover didn’t just effect us. In fact, it affected so many people that they made a small “hotel” out of one of the airport conference rooms. The beds were just mats with sheets, but it was the best feeling ever to finally sleep in a “bed”.

Day 3 rolls around, and we had completely given up hope for getting back home on a direct flight from MSP. My dad had the idea that we should fly down to charlotte, so we traveled to a gate with that destination. We got comfortable into our gate seating, when a gate agent came on the intercom. He said…

FINAL PART TOMORROW (My fingers hurt)


This is the story that keeps on giving!

Funny note, because I was in Atlanta flying back to DFW on the final day of last year’s masters (if this is the same time frame) on how packed it was. The team i was traveling with obviously all had booked flights for months, but they oversold our flight… as we were a team, we couldn’t get bumped off the flight so felt sorry for the people that had a higher priority that did…

But, there was also two MAJOR AAU basketball tournaments going on in Atlanta too, and there were hundreds of teams playing there in both boys and girls divisions across the city. As they got knocked out, they just try to hop on a flight.

So while you were struggling to get to Atlanta, people were struggling to get out of Atlanta.


I think this was the same time frame.


The gate agent came on the intercom, and he said…

This flight is now full, please step up if you would like to be rolled over to the next flight.


So after that, our patience had been officially emptied. At this point, we just wanted to get on a plane, even if it went the other way. The airline gods had it out for us that day. We were strolling around the terminal, searching for a non-popular route that we could get on.

We had a few choices: Des Moines, Detroit, or New Orleans. We ruled out Detroit. I don’t know why it was on the list in the first place, but I guess my father had no idea that it was a pretty busy airport. New Orleans was a legitimate option, because I have relatives there. We could stay at one of their places, and my mother could drive from Atlanta to New Orleans and pick us up (It’s a 7 hour drive). While that was a positive, my little sister didn’t want to disturb my mother and force her to come all the way out. So we went with the Des Moines option. Lucky for us, my dad said that there were 2 people on the standby list (not counting us), and 10 seats open. This, was our chance.

We sat at the gate for a while, eyes glued to the standby list. It looked as though no one else was coming, when all of the sudden 4 people came out of nowhere and joined the list. They also had higher priority, so we were worried. But just as my heart rate began to increase, I heard my last name.

We made it on.

We gave each other a big group hug and boarded the plane. I think it was a small CRJ 700 (Could be wrong, this happened 2 years ago), but we didn’t care. We were just relieved that we finally made it on a flight. We were happy, but there was still uncertainty in the air. We didn’t know where to go once we made it to Des Moines. Could we catch a direct flight? Or would we continue our airport hopping adventure? The flight was about 45 minutes, so we couldn’t really get comfortable. By the time we did get settled, the seat-belt sign was once again turned on.

The landing was utter garbage, but we didn’t care. We just wanted to get home. Our aircraft parked right next to another plane. Another Delta plane. We disembarked, and right next to us was a flight to Atlanta! My dad pulled out his phone so quick…

3 open seats.

10 minutes to boarding.

Gate agent on the intercom. And guess what we heard.

4 hours later, I was on my computer, laying on my bed. TV on, cup of orange juice, and a huge wave of relief.

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On my way to SEA from DFW, (when VX flew to DFW), I had a layover in LAX. Well, that layover ended up being 6 hours, even though it was supposed to be just a few minutes. Oh well, I stocked up on Skittles and terminal spotting. Oh, not to mention we didn’t leave LAX till midnight…

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Delays are the WORST!

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