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Please share your most exhilarating airport experience! Whether it was a heartwarming moment, an unexpected adventure, or a thrilling encounter, we want to hear about the most exciting event that happened to you at an airport. Take us on a journey through your unforgettable airport story! Don’t have one? It’s okay! Just say something that you would love to happen, such as an upgrade to Emirates suites, or nice food.

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this also shouldn’t be under Live :)

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Right after the F/A-18 was released, I spawned into one of the Blue Angle ramps at NAS Pensacola. It turns out, there were already 3 blue angels spawned in and the four of us ended up doing a little formation flight with ZERO communication. it was awesome.

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Didn’t realize it was, made the topic at like 3am and I was tired 😂 thanks though!

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@American321, is this meant for real world stories, or about airports in Infinite Flight?

If it’s about the real world, please move this to Real World Aviation .

Prior to boarding, the pilots decide to quit, and suddenly there are no pilots. So the gate agents and airline officials start panicking because there flight won’t be able to go anywhere. Then, I, like the amazing totally fully trained and skilled pilot I am, step up and fly the plane all on my own :)


I think all of us can relate to that…

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I would, but fine have the proper TL for it.

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