Airport error At Honolulu

I don’t know about you guys but I don’t know if the plane should be clipping through the hangers like this at Honolulu lol especially on a tie down apron not a hanger apron

![image|820x378](upload://qFdYQBZWjOc0KKUbqPo9ZtsE5a5.jpegAt Honolulu)

Actually I think the parking space is supposed to be IN the hangar but as nothing is animated you see it as an error the parking spot was made before buildings

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This isn’t an error its, like someone else said a parking spot inside the hangar.

Satellite imagery confirms this is a hangar with a taxiway line in between it and another hangar. Unfortunately, nothing much can be done because of the reason @Mathurin_Garcier mentioned.

Source: maps app on iPhone

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