Airport elevation and negative integers

Good day to all…I was controlling at Melbourne today and I gave an incorrect descend to altitude command because I was confused. Since the airport elevation is -433ft…what would be the correct transition altitude and pattern altitude🤔

My sources say it’s +433 feet. Where are you getting negatives?

Edit: in the event that you are controlling at an airfield with a negative elevation, @DiamondGaming4’s logic should work just fine. :)


Jet pattern altitude is 1500 AAL, so in this case it would be -433ft + 1500ft = 1067ft (about 1000ft)

Transition is just 1000ft above that, so it would be 2067ft, or 2000ft.

Correction standby. I was reading the dash and then some very important feedback as a negative integer it was actually a positive 433 ft but I get it…the formula stays the same for negative elevation airports.

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Sorry for the mis-comunication, the dash (~) in this case I was using it as like a "roughly/estimate’’ sign not negative. Sorry 'bout that!

We good…it was MY mistake. 😂😂

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