Airport editing

Just wondering if they have been accepting people into the airport edit team still or not. I have had an application in since they released it and haven’t gotten anything back about being accepted or not. So I recently idk when put another one in sometime this year to see if it would get a response but still hasn’t. Just wondering what’s going on if aps aren’t open technically anymore or what but it would be nice to know tbh which someone may have said something about this but I obv didn’t see it. I’m not on here much so if someone has said something about this lmk please, thank you:)

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Applications for the airport editing team are still open and new editors are being added periodically. There are many users that have been waiting for similar durations to yourself as you’ve mentioned.

Everyone that has applied will be accepted eventually as long as they are in good standing within the community. There is no need to duplicate your applications for the editing team.

Let us know if you have any questions. Take care!


Okay thank you for your help!


Declan summed it up pretty well. You can also see this newer update regarding airport editing below.