Airport Editing?

I believe this is the appropriate category to post in. Never posted about an airport before but there are two airports I’ve been waiting to see come to Infinite Flight since the release of Global. 1 is KMAF(midland) one of Southwest Airlines mini hubs. it desperately needs a work as the only available spawn points are runways. 2 there’s a privately owned strip in my home town, Fort Worth TX 9F9(Sycamore strip that needs to be added. It was never created. And please don’t tell me to do it myself. I don’t have a computer

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IFAET do not take requests - they will get round to it eventually.


There are three ways you can get an airport to be edited:

  1. Do it yourself, there’s no harm in having a shot at it.
  2. Find a friend who edits. If they want to edit the airport for you they can. (I can’t edit during these times, I’ve has to cancel all my work 😒)
  3. Just pray to the editing gods that your airport will come in the next update. IFAET as a stand alone group dont take direct requests, but it’s the people that make the editing team, that have freedom, of choice on what to edit. 🙂

Your saying you can just edit the airport?

Personally I can’t becuase due to the current circumstances as my access to a PC with the needed software is at none. Anyone can edit whatever airport they want, as long as they feel like they are capable of handling it.

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But how? On paper?

Same with South African airports basically no gates but as an Airport editor we will probably get around to it soon.

We edit airports with a software called WED. It’s made by X-Plane developers.

(Very old video recorded by Moritz late at night 😂)


Late at night is not accurate ☝🏼😂