Airport editing

hi! i’m an airport editor, tell me some tiny little AIRSTRIPS that you guys would like to see inproved in IF
NB JUST LITTLE AIRSTRIP, little grass or dirt runway


Could you please edit NAS JRB Fort Worth? It only has a taxi way and runway, in desperate need of attention.

Since you asked

ZWAT (Altay airport)

ZWSH (Kashgar airport)


Beware, you may get overwhelmed with requests

yes, i could think about it, but now i prefer little airstrips

Could you do KMIV? Not really as small as just one dirt patch but not much bigger

too big. again only small airstrips

Could you do KLVJ and KAXH?

too big . i can do little grass runway

Could you do ENSI (Ski) airport in Norway?

ok i’ll do this

Awesome, thank you :)