(Airport editing) What does "Priority 2 - 10k+" mean?

^^^^^ Well, that’s my question. ^^^^^


We’re using milestones to keep track of certain airports. I believe the 10k+ is for airports with runways longer than 10,000 ft? In preparation for global flight, the top priority is completing airports that support A380’s, second priority is airports with those long runways.


Sorry, i dont know

So it has nothing to do with the traffic? Except regular A380 flights?

yeah basically

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So that means PANC is a priority airport?

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I’m not a part of the Editor Team.

If PANC is in one of those milestones then yes

They can hold 2 A380

Does PANC get commercial A380 service?

No way ANC gets scheduled A380 service.

Really? Boeing?

No they were going to but it never happened. They designed 2parking spots for a380 and made the runway wider but we get the antinov on a regular basis

Who leaked this top secret project?
@Swang007 there will be no mince and tatties for you this evening laddie!


Uh Oh, top secret documents leaked. We’ll have to call the president for Brain Washing.

But seriously, Project 10,000+ what do you think that meant? Airports at 10,000+ft in the air? 😂

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10,000 passengers a month?


Who the hell cares?

I think @IceBlue would know.

Edit: Oh he already responded here.

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