Airport Editing - WEB on MacOS Causing Problems

Alrighty, so I’m just getting started with airport editing and I might as well know zip about it.

Of course, with my luck, there’s obviously some sort of technical glitch. This time around, it’s with WED. I open it up, and just like how the video tutorial said, I press “Choose X-Plane Folder”, and I choose the one that I set up when I was watching the video tutorial. Except, I get a message saying, “…/Desktop/Airport Editing’ is not the base of a X-Plane installation. It needs to have ‘Custom’ Scenery’ and ‘Resources/default scenery’ folders inside it.” I think I know what that message means… I also know many of you will first say, “Oh, well did you spell everything right in the folder names?”. YES I have. I’ve double checked and triple checked all of the spelling.

Not sure if I missed something or if anyone can help me, but I’d be grateful for any help I can get.

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You actually only need ‘Custom Scenery’ to recognise WED I believe. It doesn’t matter what else you put in.

What version of WED are you using?

Looks like 2.2.0


You now need to download some folders and files from dropbox to get it working. I had the same problem at the start too. You can find a link to the dropbox in the beginners guide pdf on page 12. Also, please try posting to the Airport Editing Slack before posting on the IFC about a question like this, thanks :)

You may get a warning that the site is unsafe (I did), don’t worry, it’s safe.


Alright, thanks for the help! I actually don’t have access to the Slack server yet, as I said I’m very new to thing so I haven’t received my application reply yet.

Also about the warning, I don’t think I actually ever listen to them, so we’re good on that end, haha

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You are aware we have a slack channel that can help you?

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Yep! I found that on the website, thank you! :)

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As I said earlier, I am still waiting to see if I’ve been accepted into the IFAE group, and if I am, then to get a Slack invite.

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