Airport Editing Video Tutorial Series

As many of you may already know, i created an Airport Editing Video Tutorial which includes basically everything you have to know to start with Airport Editing. As the Video runs longer than one hour, i decided to create several short videos. Each of them will be about one separate topic. In the end I intend to have a tutorial series as you know it for ATC or Pilot issues by Mark and Tyler.

All videos i upload will be bundled in a playlist at Infinite Flight Airport Editing’s YouTube channel. You will find the link for the playlist below

I will also keep you updated about new videos here. Also suggestions what parts of editing should be covered are appreciated.

I hope the videos will be able to help both, editors and those who want to join the Editing team.

Latest Video: Snapping Tutorial

Videos included in the Playlist as of now:

  • Complete Editing Tutorial
  • Basic Curving Tutorial
  • Snapping Tutorial

Playlist can be found here:


Great video! It was very helpful, thanks!

Hi Moritz, thanks for the videos. They are very helpful! I do believe that you could post these videos in your old topic, or edit the topic using the pencil button at the bottom of your post.


The latest video is now online. It covers the setup and use of our software SAS Planet!

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