Airport Editing Time-lapse - KEGE

Hey guys,

I decided to rework KEGE recently and take a time-lapse of it. I tried to condense the video down to a low time without speeding up the clips too fast. Yes, my airport isn’t perfect, I had to fix some stuff after I shot the video, but I think I did pretty well. All in all, the airport itself took about 1 hour and 20 minutes to rework. Enjoy.


Nice work there mate!


Mmm I love them curves!


Looks nice!

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GRRRRR you took my airport. Oh well you did a better job than what i was doing

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Nice video and editing Henriky

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By the way, they built a few buildings over the other runway area. It’s not the same.

I see airports in real life have those arrows leading to the threshold of the runway, but the airports in IF do not…any explanation on why?

They have not been added yet, and the airport editing team are not allowed to draw them.

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Thanks for the info

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We use Bing maps, they haven’t updated their maps in a very long time.

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I know. I am part of the team.


Hahaha. I forget sometimes, sorry. ;)


I’m planning to do another one of these airport editing time-lapses. Any suggestions for airports? Feel free to them below. There are a couple I have my eyes on, though.

  • KHIO
  • EDLW

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TFFR would have been a good one, but I took that :)

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That’s pretty much mocking him. ;)

KHIO is currently in a terrible state (not WA, the other definition). If I were you I’d do that. I don’t know what EDLW is like.


It’s probably for the best that he didn’t do a timelapse of TFFR; they built a new terminal that is on google but not bing maps and it took me literally hours to align the background :-/


When I get my new computer I’ll be able to do large airports. For now I’m stuck on small ones.

Where is this video, Henrik? :) I love these!

Sorry, been busy with other things. I’ll try to get something out soon. ;)

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