Airport Editing- The current state

I have been seeing lots of posts recently with people enquiring about the IF Airport Editing team (Sometimes known incorrectly as IFAE, that is different pilot group.) I just thought some things need to be cleared up.

###1. Will [insert country name here] be included in Global?

Laura has said before, that Global is global, and we will have every country in the world. If you take a look at our [repo] (, you can see there are 236 folders, that represent 1 country each. That is more that the 196 recognized countries in the world!*

So yes, every country (including North Korea and Antarctica) will be included.

* Some state dependencies and other states have their own folder. An example of this is Jersey, an island near France which is a British dependency.

###2. Is my country being done for Global?

This is where many people are confused. We already have airports for most of the airports around the world. This means that even in no airport in your country is touched by an editor, you will still have airports in IF to fly too. The stem of this is that some editors have started projects, to redo a particular country. Examples of this is Hungary (@Patrick_U), Switzerland (@Nick_Art) and Japan (@Narroc_Wim). Some things about projects:

  1. If you wanted to do airports in this country, you still can. Provided it is hasn’t been done or is being done, you can speak with the project ‘leader’ to coordinate.
  2. Projects are optional. You do not have to take up any particular country at all.
  3. Important: If there is not project for your country, Don’t worry! Most editors including myself do not take on a particular project, and edit what takes our fancy/what needs doing. Airports in your particular country can and will get edited without any project for them.

3. Has my airport been edited?

Wanna find out? 2 methods:

1. Fast method that you should try first:

  1. Go to our [Issue tracker] (

  2. Search your airport’s ICAO in the search bar.

  3. Check both open and closed issues. Only open issues will show at first.

  4. If there is an issue, check it’s status using this key:

    • Being Redone (green)- The airport is being redone! Check the assignee to see who is doing it.
    • Cataloged (blue)- The airport has been redone, accepted, and catalouged by @Kilt_McHaggis! You can find it on his [site] (
    • Waiting approval (light green)- The airport has been redone, and is awaiting approval by a reviewer.
    • Any red label, Misaligned (yellow) or Suggestion (blue)- This airport has not been redone, or needs further work. See issue for details.
    • Any other label without one of the labels above assigned to it- Please PM a supervisor. Someone (likely to be Dush) messed up ;)

2. Slow way

  1. PM a supervisor (see below) with the ICAO of the airport.

Supervisors List
  • Cameron (Our honorary dictator, please avoid PMing asking if airports are done or not- ask someone else) (Reviewer)
  • Jonathan (co-founder with Cam, busy with Uni ATM) (Reviewer)
  • Henrik (Reviewer)
  • Dush (Reviewer)
  • Kilt_McHaggis (Reviewer, catalogue manager and editing god)
  • David Cutler (reviewer apparently)
  • IceBlue (Who?)
  • Axel_B
  • Julio_Cesar
  • Misha (Not really active in editing, PM someone else)
  • Nick_Art
  • Patrick_U
  • Samuel123abc
  • Swang007 AKA Sean
  • Tristin_Woolf

###4. This sounds fun. I wanna join!

  1. It is not fun. This will take over your whole life Only if you’re Dush or Henrik. Else it’s pretty good.
  2. See our [website] (
  3. Still keen? Email and a reviewer will help get you setup and invite you to our Slack.

There are then loads of helpful people on Slack, literally 24/7 there will be someone to help ;)

And breathe.


This needs to be pinned. Please. Tired of the topics asking what’s done.


I actually just received a PM asking if an airport is done…


Haha, all in the supervisor’s job ;)

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When I’m 700+ miles from my computer, it’s not easy ;)


Then get off the forum and enjoy your holiday lol :)


Catalogued ALSO means it is available NOW in the companion Live Flight app!


*early this week ;-)


Thanks guys you are doing a really big and fantastic job for sure!keep working hard!👍


Will this be free with solo mode? That’s what I want to know. Thanks

That is not decided by the editing team. The devs will decide.


This is independent of the IF app.

Don’t mess with Kim Jong un


I feel better that all of my favorite airports are being worked on and some even suggested by @Patrick_U

Gosh I really need to find some time and start editing some more airports…

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Oh my god. This is the most accurate thing I have ever read. 😂😂😂

It definitely isn’t fun, and is very confusing to get things done at first.


I think you’ve been kicked for inactivity…

Yeah thats what I was thinking… Its crazy how school makes you so busy.

You are of course welcome to rejoin, it’s ok to be busy with school :). Just try and be more active this time.

I’ll probably have to wait a few weeks and see how busy i’ll be with school. Oh well :P