Airport Editing Team!

Can someone who was invited to editing team recently (aka “group 1”) tell us how proficient are they so we will have a better knowledge on how long does it takes to learn the editer and for us to maybe have some idea for how long will it take for the next group to be invited?


Hey mate, you will get a different answer from everyone. Each person learns at a different rate and also depends on how much time you put into it


Hi there! We appreciate you wanting to join the team. However please understand as the editor can be very hard to catch onto. I can confirm that when I first got added it was very hard and it took a bit to catch on. It’s well worth the wait I can assure you!


Personally it’s pretty challenging and I’ve gotten pretty discouraged but I’m just trying to stick with it.

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There is a big manual that explains every singe detail. If you follow it and don’t rush everything, it won’t be too complicated. I think when you first join into an editing session it may look very overwhelming. But you don’t need to be scared by that. If you follow the important steps (reading the manual, not rushing and starting small) you’ll make progress very fast. Once you are more experienced you can edit bigger airports so it will never get too boring and every Airport has how own challenge. Keep in mind that there is absolutely no need to do everything as fast as possible. Quality over quantity

EDIT: I was added back in march so I saw a good amount of editors struggle. The most common mistake that leads to that can be prevented tho. The so called Editing Manual is an essential part of the learning process. Most of the new editors struggle because they don’t read the manual properly and rather try to finish airports as fast as possible in order to be able to edit bigger ones.

disclaimer: everything mentioned above is MY experience. Chris already said it very well:

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I know, i just want to have a general idea

There is no general idea. You can get the hang of it in a few hours, or a week or two. It’s not black and white.

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Everyone’s different, your best bet is to wait patiently and see how quickly you catch along once accepted. For some they learn quick, others they take a bit longer. Have a sense for the small details and you’ll be fine.

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Does anyone know if it’s possible to read the editing manual without being part of the IFAET? I applied, but haven’t gotten any invitation yet and am quite intrigued about the process.
Maybe @Chris_Hoss or another airport reviewer?

The manual is only available to you once you join the team. It requires people to have access to the editor.


I’ll touch on this from my experience! For me, it took about a month to get fully comfortable with it! There is a lot to the editor that you have to get used to, but the best way I describe it to people is like Minecraft. It just has that feel to it. You will understand what I mean when your group is chosen!

You can’t rush order quality. Even as a somewhat experienced IFAET I can tell you I am still learning all I can do with the editor. That being said with quality it takes time. KMCO has and likely will be my longest project but that is because for me detail is everything. We have very limited primary combinations of bldg facades but once you realize what types of secondary facade styles you can make with combinations, the sky really is the limit.

Patience is definitely a virtue here. Everything takes time and the editors to include myself have alot to balance with careers, family etc.

One thing I can assure you of is you will never see a sub par product come out of review from this team. Best of luck on your application and hopefully you will get to see it from our side.



After releasing several airports, I can say it takes time to learn and still a continuous learning for me. There’s no exact time as each has his own pace of learning, it depends on your enthusiasm, patience and style of doing edits. But at the end of the day, it’s fulfillling.

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What kind of skills you need? Or is this a point and shoot GUI? I see the ads for Microsoft and AI about doing this kinda thing. Shouldn’t you have all ready done this?

All you really need is the ability to closely follow instructions (I.e. read the manual) and attention to detail (listening to feedback and using all available sources to replicate the airport).

The sky is the limit!

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I might be able to. I’m not sure if a mobile platform like an Apple iPad Pro would work. Then there’s the girlfriend factor who uses a complicated index of time, your potential to either making money or doing things around the house. Money is not the issue it’s more like “cleaning the litter box 4 times and taking out the trash for love units vs time to learn a new skill

You edit airports via the Infinite Flight app, meaning you will be using a mobile device, so I would say an iPad Pro is even ideal

So let’s say you did these kinds of things for free, better get lots of free things. I’ve did a lot of free acting for “exposure” in my time to smell BS. Individual users gotta do what they gotta do like a $20 lamp settler. I’m not a tech guru but I am actor and know when people are using you. My residuals help pay for this subscription. All developers need to get in a union and stop working for free. You hurt people beyond your pay grade

Are saying that you won’t edit if you don’t get paid? If so editing is a volunteer thing that you can choose to do in your own time, no one is telling you to edit

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I’m all over the place because I’ve been there starting out and sometimes people abuse that. You have to trade off exposure for something that keeps you in your apartment