Airport Editing Team (Requests)

As one of the newest airport editors, I’m excited for the future. I WILL take airport Requests, as long as it has an ICAO or IATA code. (The team can’t do airfields with no identifier, and we can’t make up airports)

If you have any requests, put them here, as this is my personal thread. Please Don’t Post Here Unless You Have A Request, Or Something Relevent. If you want to message me, please do so in DMs. Thanks! :)

For the format:

ICAO or IATA Identifier:
Name of the airport/field:
What you want improved: (Rework, Missing Items, etc.)
Why you want it improved: (ex. It’s my home airport)
Any Relevant Information You want Me or Other Editors To Know

Updates: I will also post frequent updates on this thread about what I’ve accomplished on airports.

**Notes: **

  1. I can only work on THREE airports at a time. I will work on the airport requests that get the most likes first. You can like as many as you want, but the ones with the top 3 most likes will get worked on first.

  2. If any other airport editor wants to help, feel free to work on ANY airport of your choosing.


Portland International Airport
28R is newly refurbished and needs to be refurbished in game as well. :D
It is my home int’l airport and I spot at it every time I am in Portland. Below is a photo of the new runway (blacktop not concrete)


(Photo is mine)


CAA8 or “AA8” as it is identified as in infinite flight
Invermere Airport
The layout of the airport is in the complete wrong place.
I want it improved because I fly gliders out of that airport and it is very close to home :)

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@Gabe_Z if you really want something done, I suggest you provide the info requested…


Name: Redding, CA
Need Improved: Need Taxiway
Why Imporved: I having no idea where I suppose to go and park.

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Name: Dalaman Airport
I believe the airport was scrapped or not approved when someone tried to do it. It’s currently just plain tarmac, and a rework would be great. It’s a popular holiday destination and serves a lot of charter airlines! I’ve been to the airport many times and it would be wonderful if I could do the same in IF with a detailed airport :)


Cochin international airport
Terminal 3 international parking bay need to added… parking layout also need improve.
It’s my home airports

Name:Searcy Municipal Airport
Need Improved:Ramp Area,Spawning Area and wider Taxiway with markings
Why? My home airport

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As you currently have yet to complete a single airport, I would strongly urge you to avoid taking requests until you feel comfortable with the editing process and are efficient enough to work through a list of this magnitude. Taking requests like this without any experience under your belt can be a waste of your and the community’s time, and can seriously hinder your ability to learn basic and advanced editing editing concepts.


I fully understand that, and will not be completed these requests until I feel comfortable. Thank you for your concern though! These requests will be put in a list until I am ready to work on them. :)


I mean it has only been 30 minutes since he opened up the requests so I will give him more time

If you are able, I would request:

Allegheny County Airport
This airport is by distance the closest fixed wing field to my house, and when they use a certain runway go right by my house. This is the smaller airport in Pittsburgh, and is used as more of a corporate Ga type airport. One of the runways 23,05 doesn’t eaven exist, and is actually a taxi way, otherwise not too much here, probably a quicker job depending on the LOD…

Thanks for reading this at the very least, I’d be happy at help with anything in regards to the airport! 😊

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Yoo!! I used to live in Redding a couple years back… stay safe in the fires man D:

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KJKA. My home airport. It has a terminal for small GA aircraft. The thing I dont like about it is that you spawn on the runway and there is no terminal.

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This will probably be my next airport

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I can’t decide which to see updated:

Asheville Regional Airport
Add gate terminals and update runway numbers
It’s one of two regional airports closest to where I grew up in Boone NC. Plus I fly in and out of there alot in IF doing regional hops to/from Atlanta.

Cobb County International Airport-McCollum Field

Everything lol, currently just the runway to spawn into.

I live quite close to this one and drive by it all the time, even pickup pax there and drop off now and then.

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I didn’t say KRDD is my home airport. I am 1,000 miles away.

Please keep casual conversation down, as it clogs this request forum up. Thanks

Granby/Grand County Airport
I would like a taxiway and a ramp instead of just a runway that they have right now. (also be able to spawn in there on a ramp)
I went on vacation this summer up to the Granby/Rocky Mountain Natl. Park. I visited this airport, and albeit quiet, it was looked quite nice. Later I tried to take off from there in IF, but was disappointed to find out that you can only spawn on the runway and the airport itself is super basic.

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oh ;/ I assumed you lived there because it’s such a small airport. But anyways, I do agree, it is missing some sutff

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