Airport Editing Suggestions

Hey Everyone,

I’m sort of stuck on airports to edit at the moment. Although my airports haven’t been added to the game yet, they are mostly all in the peer-review stage.

So I want to hear from you!

What airports do you want me to edit in Infinite Flight?

Please keep in mind that I am only new to the IFAET and do not want a large airport (like KLAX or something crazy), so please keep to smaller airports. Also, I am not interested in airport that need a simple fix like a few new spawn points - I really want something that I will have to start from scratch and is in heavy need for a full re-do

I am keen to hear your suggestions!


If this is an edit suggestion, can I ask to make Which doesn’t exist yet?

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Like an airport that doesn’t exist in the game?

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Yes, I mean the airport has just started after it was built like that?

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Hmmm. Ill check it out. What is it?

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Snowball effect.