Airport Editing, starting with LSGG

i want made LSGG for my first try to edit airport :)


So you want this done? Or want to start editing?

Contact me or @carmalonso to get started :)

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editing :)

Welcome to insanity


i want discover a little the tools, so after i can make a good airport where we can land in Global Flight :)

Great, hang into LOWS once you’re done :P

Please can somebody may help me?

i’m importing apt file but header error in Line 1…

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Join the slack team, contact @carmalonso for that ;)

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but the airport is already made? (automatically)

They’ll explain in the slack team, just message Cameron.

You of course get the apt.dat file from the repo although you modify it using WED and WEDbing for satellite imaginery.

all airports is already created. i’m idiot…

Most airports are already created but they’re not very detailed. Our job is to improve them. I don’t edit much these days but back when I did, some were so meager that I just deleted everything and started from scratch


@grxninesix Please pm me before you start ;)

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