Airport Editing Request | Submit Your Airport !

Hey ! I recently I joined the airport editing team, and i dont know airports that have problems and i wanted to help everyone with this thread :)

Airport types I want to make/rework
  • Regional Airports ONLY
  • Little sized airport

I also want a minimum of things to do (not only gate adjustements)

  • To submit your airport, include :
    1. ICAO
    2. Region/country
    3. Changes to make

Hope I helped you with this thread ;)


  • Yes
  • A bit :)
  • No

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Why don’t you learn how to edit before making these types of threads? Enjoy the bombardment of requests!


Roanoke Blacksburg Regional Airport [KROA]
(South West Virginia USA)
add taxi lines and add gates and a better General Aviation parking
it is mainly a general aviation airport but still American, Delta, Untied, and Allegiant still fly in A GREAT STARTER AIRPORT

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KBHM Alabama, United States There are no gates or terminal layouts. I flew a regional airline flight there and didn’t know where to park.


KPAE - Paine Field

  • Northern Washington, 20 miles north of Seattle
  • Add the 2 gate passenger terminal that opened at the beginning of March


Michigan, United States

Missing gates and taxiways near terminal B:)

It would be a great starter/medium airport to edit!

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I’m actually learning, I already sended an airport To review :)

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I will begin with yours ;)

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Thanks @Bastien1533

Most of these airports are already done which only amplifies the reason we don’t allow these types of threads. Airport editing is a serious undertaking that requires several smaller airports to practice on before you can start to work through an ever growing list such as this. You wouldn’t open up a restaurant before you know how to cook everything on the menu with speed and reliability, and you shouldn’t start an airport editing request thread prior to having an airport accepted. If you want a list of suggestions, the team maintains an internal list we can get you started with.

Thanks for your understanding everyone.


Adding onto this, if you just joined, start small, not medium and commercial.

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Ok, sorry for that, il review my plans ;)

Please still do. KROA @Bastien1533

  1. E16
  2. South Santa Clara, California (not too far south of SJC)
  3. Add gates and taxiways

This airport is basically an unedited airport and I want to be able to fly out of the airport closest to my house with a GA aircraft from time to time.

Sorry, to big :(

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No it isn’t it is mainly GA aircraft
It is my hub for soon to be NCSVA

If he doesn’t want to do it, he doesn’t have to do it🙂

I know @Joseph007 🤪♾🛫🛬✈️


The leveling of the airport is just way too high.

I suggest you start off by editing a few small airports of your choice and make sure they are up to a good quality then ask the community for suggestions, as you are throwing yourself into the deep end as you’d say.