Airport Editing Questions

I would like to make substantial changes to an airport using World Editor. I have a few questions though:

Do I have to use overlay images of the airport? I prefer using coordinates from Google Maps to set the points in their approximate location.

Can I remodel the airport from scratch? It is a very large airfield and I feel that it would be easier to start over in my circumstance.

Overall, I am striving to make the most detailed airfield(s) possible to enhance the game’s realism, even if its impact is minor.

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Send an email to and a staff member will set you up :)


Not necessarily.

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No no no don’t do that.

Instead email [] ( with your GitHub username (make an account if you don’t have one). Then we can add you into our slack for help editing, and the issue tracker.


Apologies, I’ll remember this for the future.


Keep the questions in slack