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How does this whole editing airports thing work i have no experience what so ever in editing this type of stuff, so if you are an editor in the team do you get special permission to the infinite flight server airport editing software type thing to edit the airports of your choice? i’m quite confused , and if an airport already exists in 3D is it allowed for it to be edited again adding more stuff like car parks or buildings etc and then released in later update? And is it possible to put another car of your choice as ground services instead of the infinite flight nissans 😂, and is it possible for catering service vehicles to be edited as well to match a with the airline corresponding to the airline livery like this:
and can you put signs or logos on buildings like this:

And same with cargo containers like this:

And same with general ground Vehicles:


sorry this is all just too interesting 😁

Thank you much appreciated


The IFAET is a group of volunteers in the community who work to build/rebuild airports so that everyone can use them in the game. To answer your question: 1) There is a special Airport editing page that is implemented in the app, in the past they used a 3rd party software I think, 2) Airports are edited and re-edited/updated all the time, 3) There is a system that editors use to make sure that they coordinate who is doing what, they also communicate over discord to claim airports/talk about changes/ask for help.

If you want more detailed info check out the scenery editing manual in the ‘guides’ section of the Infinite Flight website which is free for anyone to read:


Hello @Tina_Kwesha,

The airport editing team is only focused on making the airports themselves. What you’re requesting is something more for staff. We don’t (and cannot) make customizable objects for airports, and I’m not sure whether they take requests like these from the public. I do doubt that they can add objects with real-company logos and colors.


So as scenery editors, we get an extra tab on the bottom like this:

For 3D, however, we only have basic tools to work with. I’ll use an airport I’m working on as an example.

For 3D models in most airports (cars, ground services, fuel tanks, jetways, control towers…) we only have a set of pre-made assets to work with.

For buildings, that’s where creativity comes in. We make buildings in basic-ish shapes, then layer multiple buildings with different textures to create what you see in game. Oftentimes it is much simpler but in uniquely shaped buildings that’s what is usually done.

As for textures and logos, we can’t add those yet. It’s probably also not coming in the near future due to copyright and other reasons.

Sorry if my explanation isn’t great, but I’m sure someone else can explain better.


Thank you so much it is much more clear and I understand now thank you for taking the time to explain, much appreciate

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No problem 👍


Thank you so much for explaining much appreciated

Thank you for this discovery, i really appreciate it

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It looks so different! I’ve applied but haven’t been chosen yet!:( @TheSimulationGeek is it worth to apply?

Well, If you like the idea of being able to edit airports, by all means it’s worth it.

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Okay thanks!:)

@TheSimulationGeek do you receive a message from Deercrusher?

Yes, either DeerCrusher or another recruiter.

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Roger! I will wait!:)

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