Airport Editing Projects and Questions Thread

Is there the thought of putting taxiway and runway signs?

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Good question. WED technically supports it, but there are so many different signs at airports, that you’d basically have to fly into the airport in a real plane and observe every sign you see. Currently, we don’t add any signs for simplicity and because we haven’t been instructed that they need to be added. The same goes for windsocks.

number of the ground gate, when we will have

If you’re asking how many gates we add to airports, the answer is however many an airport has. Almost every editor tries to add as many spawns as possible (including enough to break IF on occasion).

If you’re asking about the painted gate numbers, that is something that WED doesn’t currently support. I’d have no way of adding them.


Hi, is it possible to request a airport rework here? I want to request a small airport… which i think doesn’t take a lot of time… it’s based in the north of Morocco, it’s called Nador Al Aroui Airport (ICAO: GMMW).

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No. Maybe an editor like the airport, and make it but if you want it you should join the team and make it!

Lucky for you, that airport is currently being reworked by someone. Hopefully we will see it soon.

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WHAT!? omg, i’m waiting so long on a rework on that airport, because i’d love to fly to that airport! Becuase airlines like Ryanair or TUI Belgium fly to there.

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Thanks for your reply! I don’t have the best computer to join the team, sad enough.

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Dear Ryan, could you ask the person who is reworking GMMW for a sneak peak? Hihi.
You would be the best! You already are, but you will be the best of the best haha. <3

I am also interested in creating/editing that airport

I don’t really have contact with that editor. Sorry.

If you would like to start the application process, see the link in the first post. If you would like to ask a question about that, ask away.

I already started the application process.Just wait for Moritz to reply

Yeah . . . it’s Moritz’s fault. In any case, we plan on checking all that in the next few days in preparation for the next scenery push.

That’s the point…I am trying to edit an airport before the next scenery push if that is possible😂 No rush though

Somehow I don’t think you’re going to learn everything, get a full peer review, and get your airport accepted in 24 hours. If you can, I’m sure the entire team has many questions for you.

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I think I could do that.I just need to stay focus

I have a list of editors who once thought that. Airport editing is not a place for people who require instant gratification or expect everything to be accepted first try. That being said, I’m sure everyone that has stuck with it will say that it is well worth it.


Do you know if PHX is being updated with the new south Gates at terminal 3?

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