Airport Editing Projects and Questions Thread

Airport Editing Projects and Questions Thread

Welcome to my thread! This is the place to come with all of your airport editing inquiries. In addition to being a thread for formal questions, I will be posting some of the things that I work on as a volunteer Airport Editing Manager here. This may include sneak peaks and work in process shots of airports I edit, summaries of my efforts over the previous weeks and months, and maybe the occasional poll to help decide my next project. This is meant to help show what I do and promote discussion about airport editing related topics.

For official information see this thread


Do you have an exact number of how many airports have been reworked compared to how many there are altogether?

Unfortunately I stopped counting at about 200. My best guess puts the total at somewhere above 300. The total airport number is somewhere around 2500-3500. I wish I had kept better records, but it’s hard to distinguish between reviews, fixes, slight improvements, and full redos.


Does this team know if there are several new airports that have been built but not or will not be included in the game?

If it’s on the earth, we plan to add it. It can take time for imagery though.


First of all many thanks for your work. Whats the hardest part about editing airports? (PS. while not being a request, I think IF should look into Haneda and Narita as two major air hubs Haneda has very minimal gate and airport editing design)!

At this point, there is nothing tremendously difficult when it comes to editing airports. I think the biggest thing that can be troublesome is finding the right balance between realism and performance/ease of editing. This can be especially difficult where airports have weird curves that can require a lot of know how. Other than that, it’s just a matter of how much time you want to devote to this project.

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Are you and your team working on the new Manchester Airport T2 expansion? It’s my home airport and my most flown too airport

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I believe that we have an editor interested in that one, but he’s waiting for imagery :)

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Hey im not really that good with computers :) is it hard to install all tools needed and to actually edit the airports?

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Not at all. We have some special installation processes to make it easier to get everything up and running. The actual editing is just tracing over a map.

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Okay will take a look at your offical thred again and maybe sign up :)

Is it possible to add taxiway lights into the airport design

I’m pretty sure taxiway lights are already added by default whenever an airport is reworked. But they are not enabled by the developers yet.

Ryan can confirm or deny this.

Yes. Most airports have lighting elements included in their file. Once the devs “plug them in” so to speak, many airports will light up like a Christmas tree (or something).


May I ask, when will the lights be activated? Because it’s quite hard to taxi at night :)

I don’t have an answer for you. Anything else would be pure speculation. Sorry

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No worries mate! Just wondering if you have any date set :)

They editing team simply add the lighting however the developers are the ones who can enable them.

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That would be just beautiful at 20,000ft

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