Airport editing, Inventory of a Airbase

When editing a Airbase (any airport) the start is usualy with some research about the Airport data like Runway coordinates, Airport Lighting including Runway Lighting, Ramp and Spawn names, availability and usability of Satelite imagery, IFAET Database check, and so on.
When all this prework is done, you can start editing.
As an example I will show the different parts of editing as screenshots in their order down here.

eg OEKM King Kahlid Airbase in Saudi Arabia.

starting with Runways

those given, the satelite imagery can be fit to match those position precise in order to match the navigation data like approch fixes in IF later.

I keep of the satelite imagery in the following.

boundary and tower view are next

after that I add the pavement like,


and Asphalt:

resulting in a whole pavement:

now we are going for markings, starting with the Sidelines:

Sidelines with pavement shown:

followed by the hold lines:

After that I start with the Taxiway Centerlines.
Beginning with small ones like hangars and small aprons.


with some small ramps:

followed by dispersals taxiway lines

The large Bravo Ramp:

and finaly the main taxiway centerlines:

giving this result:

now adding the road markings

finaly the spawn positions:

all combined it looks like this:

sorry ;-)
like this:

what you see as layout in the IF Map is this:

have fun!



Wow, nice to see the steps taken from an empty project to a completed project🙌

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Wow! This is so cool! How long did it take you?

Can’t really tell, due to been busy with Job I wasn’t continues working on it.
A lot of hours, mostly due to imagery quality.

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Never knew so much work goes into this. Looks good
How many airports have you edited till now?

You would be surprised! Depending on the size of the airport, it can typically take days, weeks, or even upwards of a month for some editors.

Based on Github statistics, Tom has built roughly 362 airports from the ground up (completely redone) and has reworked numerous other airports. I’d almost go as far as to say that he has reworked/revamped 100+ airports, but it could even be well above or below that number. Regardless, he definitely pulls his fair share of weight in the airport editing community, haha.


Thanks for the flowers.
This statistic is a bit inaccurate. It counts the commits. Therefore it doesn’t count the airports of my early days, and doesn’t count numerous smaller ones that I have commits a bulk when finish wohl country.


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