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Hi all, just a question to see if anyone knows the answer. Someone ran a Instagram page which can be seen in the screenshot below. Thy used to post airport designs of edits from the Airport Editing Team but stopped recently, which disappointed me! If anyone knows who was in charge of it I’d love them to restart it again! If they need help I’m happy to help!


Pretty sure @dush19 runs it.


That’s awesome! Never new about it, I will have to check it out.

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If he does he hasn’t posted for a while lol

Well, he also has other things to take care of, he’s not tied to his phone all day. Or maybe he’s waiting for an important airport to be made.

I remind you that you can also check out the #developer topic to see the airports that we’ve been doing recently :) and you can invite your friends to do so.


Thanks, I see them but there was a lot of variety and I loved seeing the posts on my Insta wall!

Can you please edit the Airports of Pakistan please

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This isn’t an edit request thread mate. Maybe dm someone you know who’s an airport editor, or just wait and see if they’re edited when global comes out. Be patient.


I run it but have been busy, will try to post more soon


Thanks @dush19 I look forward to it!

Here’s a new post:-D

Glad to see this back up and running;-)


Same here! Look forward to all the designs!

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