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Hello there,

I was wondering if a airport editor could give me some help in there free time. Maybe voice call and give me a walk through. I’ve tried looking at tutorials but I’m more of a interactive learner.



I wasn’t aware you were part of the team. Did you just try and download all the stuff privately or something? PM me for help.

I’m not part of the team. Do you have to apply or something? I wanted to try help improve IF so I thought hey, airport editing. Hence why I made this topic.

If this is something like Advanced ATC where only certain people get picked, then I am sorry, I wasn’t aware :) and a mod can close this topic

no no I’ll explain…

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PM @carmalonso. He’ll get you sorted. Just say you wanna join.

You need a PC or Mac (preferably with high specs if you want precision detail) and lots of time.

I have the specs, don’t worry about that ;)

Thanks anyway

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Do the downloading a when you have a long day ahead. You have to download a copy of every single airport in the world so it takes some time.

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Are there any minimum specs?

Aha, with my internet it will take a week at least ;)


Not really. My PC is terrible so I just stick to smaller airports, which I tend to enjoy more anyway. If you want to do huge complexed airports like JFK or LAX then a better computer is recommendable but I just do simpler airports like 7A8 or 21W.

I have a Windows 7 32 with a 2,10GHz processor and 2.66GB of RAM, and also quite a lot of space, is that enough?

No idea. I’m not a co puter person at all. I just know that I have a computer and that it works (well it did).


@ColonelJeff, if you need any help, I have created 2 PMs for anyone who is new to editing :)

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When you download the overlays it may lag pretty bad depending how detailed you chose. Apart from that I never had any issues computer/internet wise


Are you sure that’s 2.66 MB?

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I hadn´t notice that. Thanks.

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Apart from RAM, that should do fine.

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I get freq. crashes with our software when imagery is loaded, best work-around is to not use the beta version of WED

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