Airport Editing Global User Suggestions List

This is for you to suggest any global airports you would like to be redone. Ground rules:
###The list is currently frozen, please post if you are despirate to get your airport done.

  1. Max 2 per regular, 1 for anybody else.
  2. Non-Regulars post below, Regulars pls add them into the list.
  3. The bigger the airport = the higher priority it gets.
  4. Check it isn’t in [Project A380] (

Be aware: there is absolutely NO guarantee that your airport here will get done anytime soon or at all: I will be and hopefully some of the other editors will take ones off this list if they are looking for airports to do. If you want to be sure an airport will be done, join the airport editing team and do it yourself (email to get started)

A Strike says that it has been done already.

Format: ICAO - Airport Name (User Name)
So if I wanted Edinburgh airport to be edited:
EGPH - Edinburgh Airport (IceBlue)

ICAO ¦ Airport Name ¦ (Username)

  1. AT27 - Troll Airfield (HairlineAirlines)
  • CYTZ - Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (Damian)
  • EHGG - Groningen Airport Eelde (Ds2001)
  • EGAC - George Best Belfast city airport (Belfast spotter)
  • EGFF - Cardiff Airport (CJ Sapan)
  • EGGD - Bristol Airport (Jake Brimble and CJ Sapan)
  • EGGP - Liverpool Airport (James_Newton)’
  • EGJJ - Jersey Airport (HV)
  • EGPH - Glasgow International- (Dylan_Baillie)
  • EDDB - Berlin Brandenburg/Schonfield Airport (Thomas_Oehrling)
  • EDDH - Hamburg International Airport (Aviationluver)
  • EDDP - Leipzig/Halle Airport (D-ABNJ)
  • EDDS - Stuttgart Airport (D-ABNJ)
  • EFHK - Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (Massimo_Murgida)
  • EIKN - Ireland West Knock Airport (Talkingribzz)
  • EIDW - Dublin international airport (Belfast spotter)
  • EKVG - Vagar Airport (BavariaAVIATION)
  • EPWA - Warsaw Chopin Airport (Damian)- Being redone by Riley_Dunshea
  • FACT - Cape Town International Airport - (SAA_A346)
  • GCRR - Arrecife Airport (JDE1303)
  • HCMH - Hargeisa International Airport (Hamza_Adan)
  • HCMM - Aden Adde International Airport (Hamza_Adan)
  • HECA - Cairo International Airport (AmericanAirlines)
  • KACK - Nantucket Memorial Airport (Boeing707)
  • KBHM - Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport (Winner580)
  • KBOS - General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport (CptNathanHope)
  • KBUF - Buffalo Niagara Int’l (Ben_ny)
  • KDTW - Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County International (El_Alex)
  • KHSV - Hunstville International Airport (Winner 580)
  • KHYA - Barnstable Municipal Airport (Boeing707)
  • KLAS - Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (Raptor)
  • KMCO - Orlando International Airport (nuoneswars)
  • KMOB - Mobile Regional Airport - (AUblake)
  • KMSP - Minneapolis-St Paul International (furtive_masstwofourf)
  • KPHL - Philadelphia International Airport (Nick Catalano)
  • KSAT - San Antonio International (LufthansaA340)
  • KSAV - Savannah Airport- (Cargoluxgroupceo)
  • KSBA - Santa Barbara Airport (SirMS)
  • KSBD - San Bernardino International Airport (Godzilla_Gamer)
  • KSLC - Salt Lake City International Airport (nicolas_d)
  • KSMF - Sacramento International Airport (Godzilla_Gamer)
  • KSRC - Searcy Municipal Airport (N1DG)
  • KSTL - St. Louis Lambert International (furtive_masstwofourf)
  • KSUN - Sun Valley Airport (nicolas_d)
  • KSYR - Syracuse Hancock International Airport (the_simulation_nerd)
  • LEAL - Alicante - Elche Airport (Talkingribzz)
  • LEPA - Palma de Malloreca (Ds2001)
  • LGAV - Athens International Airport ( David_Lockwood)
  • LGSK - Skiathos Airport (Sumith)
  • LHBP - Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (JFKPlanespotter)
  • LIBD - Bari Karol Wojtyła Airport (Massimo_Murgida)
  • LIRF - Leonardo Da Vinci Fiumicino Airport (MarcelloM)
  • LIRN - Naples Capodichino Airport (mbmhwue148)
  • LLBG - Tel Aviv Ben Gurion (El_Alex and tranquil_skyflyer)
  • LOWK - Klagenfurt Airport (BavariaAVIATION)
  • LPMA - Madeira International Airport (Benny87654321)
  • LXGB - Gibraltar International Airport ( David_Lockwood)
  • MDST - Cibao International Airport (Robertdiaz123)
  • MMPR - Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport (Benny87654321)
  • MMUN - Cancun International (Nick Catalano)
  • OJAI - Queen Alia International Airport (ZaidSal)
  • OTBD - Doha Airport (Ben_ny)
  • PANC - Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (Godzilla_Gamer)
  • RKTU - Cheongju International Airport (TonleSap)
  • SAEZ - Ministro Pistarini International Airport (Sturmovik)
  • SEQM - Aeropuerto Internacional Mariscal Sucre, Quito (mbmhwue148)
  • SKBO - El Dorado International Airport (Lin_Yifan)
  • VOBL - Bengaluru International Airport (Sumith)
  • VTSP - Phuket International Airport (V_berezh)
  • VYYY - Yangon International Airport (Thomas_Thuta)
  • WADD - Denpasar Ngurai Airport (HV)
  • WIII - Jakarta Soekarno Hatta International Airport (SingaporeAirlines)
  • YMBH - Hobart International Airport (GordenW)
  • YBTL - Townsville International Airport (DJ)
  • YBCS - Cairns Imternational Airport (DJ)
  • YMLT - Launceston Airport, Tasmania, Australia (Skylines - Oli H)

EGGD : Bristol Airport : Jake Brimble

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Is there a chance that non regulars can post their suggestions in the thread itself?


Yeah I used to be a regular :( I just want to add one small airport.

I can put your request in the wiki for you if you want

OIA(Orlando international airport it’s pretty large )


AT27-Troll Airfield- HairlineAirlines

Please don’t take this as a joke it is an airport in Antarctica with a nice big runway I want to land at.


MCO*. You made me confused

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Nah same logic as calling WMKK as KLIA lol

It’s in the wiki! Thanks for the request

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Any other non regular requests?

Tel Aviv Ben Gourion airport please.


MPTO - Tocumen International Airport (flyingdutchman)

Guys remember to check the Project A380 before posting :)


What is the A380 project?

It’s in the wiki!

Thanks for the fact!😄

I would love to help do MDST if I could get the software loaded properly

Update: Changed the guide for Non-Regs.

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