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I know airport editing can’t be requested as I requested an edit for EGSS last year, but another reason I was told EGSS can’t be updated was because the satellite images that showed the current airfield layout weren’t available. I have now found and attached a source that shows the current layout if anyone is interested in editing.


Why don’t you edit yourself?

He’s not IFAE. Also, IFAE doesn’t take requests. If they see a potential issue with an airport, then they will fix it when they have the chance to.

IFAET is the correct one.

Also, IFAET is open to anyone I believe.

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Although IFAET may be open to anybody, not everybody understands exactly how IFAET works. Also, they might not be able to join IFAET.

This airport was last worked on just over 3 years ago.

Of course as said above we don’t take requests, however it might take a while to get the work done as to what the more experienced editors work on, since there are hundreds if not thousands of other large airports with the same priority.

Just keep an eye out for the updates!

Also it was originally IFAE (Infinite flight Airport Editing), until IFAE (Infinite Flight Aviation Experts) came along at a ‘T’ was added to represent ‘Team’ to avoid confusion. All IFAET documents are labelled under IFAE.

And plus if you were to join the Airport Editing Team, you would have to build your experience to edit larger airports. This would take several months if not a year or so based on your activity to edit an airport this big.


I don’t do editing as for the simple reason of not trusting myself with editing an airport like this.

May I ask what you think needs to be improved with EGSS?


A lot of new stands have been built along with a small section of new taxiway, I think some of the current stands have also been reconfigured. The link I attached in my post contains the current layout of the whole airfield.

IFAE is Infinite Flight Aviation Experts, It is IFAET you are looking for :)

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I want to screamT.

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ahhh ok thanks! :)

As of now I can tell you our sources of imagery are not up to date with your chart.

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