Airport Editing Database

Feel free to continue to post individual topics. This is just nice to have it a little more organised for the community to see.

This is a thread for any airport editors to post their edits! Please don’t request any edits, only comment on our work please :)
No photos in the forum, please, please upload to Imgur :)

Editors add your edits in this post and sign your username above the file. If you’re not a regular yet, another regular, leader, or I will add it in for you :)

JFKPlaneSpotter [EGHH, EGDM and EGAA]( [RJBB]( [RJOO, RJCW, RJDC and RJFU](,DxW1hdO,kWl4v6d,lFGOD8Z)
Riley Dunshea [1B6](

So do we post pics on the wiki or na?

in the wiki :)

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So yes to photographs?

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I’ll post mine now, hang on…

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@Pilot8 in the format above :)

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I might spam the main post if I wish… :/


K Dush you can stop bragging now n00b

That is either @Henrik or @Kilt_McHaggis Dush. Go to bed and let the big boys put theirs in first then put yours in.

irony is that Dush is older than me and I haven’t edited anything yet because of private family reasons.


Anyone else want to submit some work? @IceBlue @Nick_Art :)


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Im too lazy to do these, Patrick. If you want I’ll send you a list of what I have re-done and you can take pictures yourself and add here.


I’m too lazy to do mine here again.

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Alright but no tag next time pls :)

Recent ones:
EHRD- Rotterdam the Hauge

EGUY- RAF Wattisham


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when i want to export my edit its says like that. please help!!


Sorry, I can’t help you, I’m not familiar with this issue

Will we be seeing an RAF Lossiemouth in global?

All airports in the world are getting added!

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How do you edit airpots?