Airport Editing Complete Video Tutorial


Since global was announced there are quite many of you who decided to join Infinite Flight Airport Editing or think about joining. This leads many to questions like “Is it difficult to edit airports?” or “How do I edit airports?”. Also the number of questions in the Editing Slack Channel increases.
As a consequence of that, I decided to create a video tutorial for all new airport editors and those of you who think about joining us.

The video includes information about both, setting up the Software and editing itself (hence the length of the video)
The video has information about
-Download and Setup of the required software
-Joining the Team
-Use of the Software used for the import of satellite images
-Editing of an existing airport file
-Sending the edited airport to the reviewer

To allow you easy and quick access to certain steps of editing I added time stamps, which you can find in the Video description on YouTube.

Hope this helps you to find out if you feel ready to join the Editing team and the video can answer your questions about certain steps!

Happy Editing!


This is great! When i first joined i had no clue what i was doing.


Priceless contribution! Thanks for such a complete tutorial.


Wonderful tutorial for beginners and experts alike. I found it very informational and I’ve been using WED for years. Great work!


Where was this video when I needed it…

Basically, while I was actually IN the airport editing team…


Your comment is not related to this category whatsoever.

So wait a minute taxi lights confirmed?

We add taxi lights but they’re not rendered in the sim…so far that’s not confirmed, you can calm down :)


Thank you edit very much

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In WED will this page come up: bilde
Why i have do everything in the totorial!!!


Please ask questions like this in our Slack group. We’ll be happy to assist you there. :)


I’ve also done that.

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