Airport Editing and Global Flight - Everything there is to know!

If you can recognize a european capital airport by looking at satellite imagery. (ahem, Bern, ahem)

Attaboy, Simon! Thanks for making this. :)

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get me one and i’ll tell you :P

Great and informative! 👍


  1. It will not be free. It will most likely be part of a subscription since it has recurring costs for us (server and bandwidth for streaming among other things)
  2. If you pay for global, you will be able to play it in solo as well (though you will still need an internet connection; we will be working on having an offline mode but it is not that simple)

So we are going to pay another subscription???
Wow… lots of money…

Wow… lots of money…

We are working on finding a pricing model that works for us and is fair to everyone.
A flight simulator is not like most games; we constantly improve and upgrade it and the only way for us to do this long term is to have a subscription model. You can’t expect us to provide satellite imagery and worldwide terrain/airports for free, we would go out of business in no time…


Thank you for making this topic! Much needed.

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I have a couple questions about editing. I would be interested in contributing, however I’m unsure if able. What kind of software do you need to do it? Also how long do you typically spend on an average airport? I would also like a chance to watch the tutorials to make sure I could actually do it so I will be emailing. Thanks for this post!

Everything that you need to know is found within the link provided below. As for the time it takes to complete an airport depends on multiple factors. How well do you understand the airport editing process, and the software that you need to use. I generally spend a few hours over the course of a couple days to work on an airport. I would highly consider watching the video tutorial as it covers pretty much everything that you need to know.

If there will be people unwilling to pay for global, will regions in solo be larger? Or will we be able to fly from LA to San Francisco in solo?

Read this. I guarantee your answer is in here.

That’s a rather nice way to put it! ☺☺

@BenTyson he’s asking for the OPTION to do it, not forcing you… You melon


I know, but just for us melons who do, we would love the feature!

Could you please stay on topic? This is about airport editing, not a global Q&A with phillippe or whatever his name is pronounced.

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great informative post and update on all the hard work that is done to make an airport for IF. Once again a BIG THANK YOU to all of you working hard behind the scenes for this. It is one of many things which all adds together to make Infinite Flight the best! You guys have the knowledge, time and right equipment to do a fantastic job!

just one thing though…

Students with limited spare time?? Things must have changed ALOT since I was a Student ;-)


8) Wanna became a FDS developer (just for me)

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