Airport Editing and Global Flight - Everything there is to know!

Hey everybody,
airport editors have been asked the same questions in several different threads every day for the last couple months, most are concerning Global Flight. Not only me, but pretty much the entire rest of the team is sick of answering the same questions over and over and over and over and over.

I wanted to make this topic for ages now, but since we very recently got the information that Global Flight is in alpha testing I decided to wait no longer and clear things up as far as I can.
This is the thread to go to now, this is the place you can get every bit of information we currently have from. We will no longer answer any more questions, this is not our job.

Before talking about our contribution to Global Flight, I would first like to introduce ourselves, since I am pretty sure there are many many people here that don’t even know we exist.

  • Who are we?

The airport editing team consists of mostly students (there are a couple exceptions) who decided to voluntarily spend their already way to small patch of spare time for contributing to Infinite Flight. We are mostly normal people (there are a couple exceptions) with no relation to or affiliation with Infinite Flight / FlyingDevelopmentStudio (except Cameron).

  • What do we do?

Long story short: We make ugly X-plane airports beautiful by editing them with a software called World Editor by Laminar Research (the company who also developed X-Plane) and a couple other tools.
As I know most of you don’t learn by reading but by looking at pictures, here is what I mean:

Moscow Domodedovo X-Plane Blueprint:

Moscow Domodedovo after Kilt McHaggis cosmetic surgery:


Toronto Pearson X-Plane Blueprint:

Toronto Pearson after Kilt McHaggis World Editor treatment:


Do you notice the tiny difference? Which version would you rather fly to?
We airport editors ensure that we all have highly detailed, realistic, up-to-date and accurate models of airports from all over the world to enjoy flying in and out of in Infinite Flight.

  • How do we do it?

Caffeine. A looooot of caffeine.

  • Why do we do it?

There are several different answers to this question. Each editor has their own answer to this, but I can assure you, one of the following definitely suffices:

  1. I want to help improving the pilot’s Infinite Flight experience and I’m willing to spend my time for it (me)
  2. I have no idea what to do with my spare time since I have no job (@Moritz_Babl)
  3. My friend forced me to do so (@lolo31r)
  4. I need to kill time until I enter college (@BrunoC)
  5. My wife, my full time job and my other contributions aren’t enough for me so I spend about 10 more hours a day editing, reviewing e-mails, checking airports and so on and so forth (@Kilt_McHaggis)
  6. I want to annoy as many people as possible by rejecting airports (@dush19, @Moritz_Babl)
  7. Just for fun (many)
  • What do you get in exchange?

Stupid questions we answered dozens of times already. Okay, jokes aside.
High-quality airports and intense eye bags are our reward, as far as money is concerned: we do not earn a single penny, the airport editing team is a 100% voluntary organization.

That’s us covered for now. If you have any questions concerning ourselves or airport editng itself, you are welcome to ask below. What you are totally not welcome to ask below is what you will come across if you read on.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Airport editing and Global Flight:

  • How many airports will be featured in Global Flight / Will my local airport be featured?

This is our airport repository:


and this is what happens if you open it:

35.127 folders and 42.322 files.

To answer the question: EVERY, with no exception EVERY airport in this folder, so about 40.000 airports will be featured in the Global Update. That is pretty much every airport in the world. From enormous international airports to tiny dirt strips in the depths of the african rain forest, everything.

  • Did you edit every airport in the world?

No, we didn’t. Our current count is 1,300 airports (including original Infinite Flight airports) and there is no chance at all that we will finish before the global update.

As we (hopefully) learned, every airport will come with Global Flight, regardless whether it was edited or not. That means that we will have over 1000 highly accurate and up to current Infinite Flight standards airports in every corner of the globe. What about the rest? The rest is subsequently X-Plane quality, in other words: horrible.
But since probably more than the half of all airports are tiny dirt strips in whatever remote places on the globe and we know that most of those won’t get a visit by an aircraft for years, that is somehow okay.
Be honest: Have you ever spawned in one of those tiny GA grass strips in the Chicago region?

I basically just answered the following question already, but for the record:

  • Does the progress of the airport editing team affect Global Flight’s release date?

Nope. Totally not. We have no control about when Global will be released (so stop asking us this) and our progress does not delay the release either. If our devs waited for us to finish all those airports, we wouldn’t see global for the next couple years, if not decades.

  • How do I know if an airport has been done?

Check this topic:

@Kilt_McHaggis has set up a beautiful chart with every edited airport in the world. (Chart is regularly updated)

  • Will airports that haven’t been done already be added in future updates?

Yes. Whatever airport we can’t finish before the global update will be added to the app at some other point for sure. From what we have heard, we will be able to update our airport layouts more easily and frequently in the future, so we don’t have to wait for a major update to come out.

  • Can you do an airport for me?

No. Good luck finding somebody in the team who takes forum users’ suggestions. The probability of the sun suddenly becoming butter is bigger. Significantly.

  • How can I join the team?

Joining is easy. To join, send an e-mail to and our e-mail staff will get back to you quickly. All you need to do then is setting up the stuff you need and - for best results - watching the tutorials by airport editors for airport editors in the playlists below. (Tutorials are available in English and Spanish and new tutorials will be added to the list in the future). For any more questions, you have our communication, coordination, management and hang-out platform Slack, where you can always ask and where you will always recieve an answer (quality of answer may vary from editor to editor).

I believe I answered most of the questions that I could think of.
If you still have any questions that have not been answered right now or you just didn’t understand a certain point, feel free to ask.
After all, I hope this thread cleared things up as well as possible.

I hope you guys are all as anxious as we are for the Global Flight update and on behalf of the entire editing team, I hope you will enjoy taking off and landing at our airports!

Airport Editing Supervisor


Great topic Simon! Hope this will help clear things up a bit. :)


Nice topic. Thanks for doing this 🙂


Brilliant topic, very informative. 👍🏻


Amazing topic! Lots of great information here.


Nicely done! No more confusion, NONE.

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Topic for cool boys!

Can you do my favorite airport in the African rainforest @BavariaAVIATION? :P

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Priceless post here! Good job.

Best topic for Airport editing info

If you can recognize a european capital airport by looking at satellite imagery. (ahem, Bern, ahem)

Attaboy, Simon! Thanks for making this. :)

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Great and informative! 👍


  1. It will not be free. It will most likely be part of a subscription since it has recurring costs for us (server and bandwidth for streaming among other things)
  2. If you pay for global, you will be able to play it in solo as well (though you will still need an internet connection; we will be working on having an offline mode but it is not that simple)

So we are going to pay another subscription???
Wow… lots of money…

Wow… lots of money…

We are working on finding a pricing model that works for us and is fair to everyone.
A flight simulator is not like most games; we constantly improve and upgrade it and the only way for us to do this long term is to have a subscription model. You can’t expect us to provide satellite imagery and worldwide terrain/airports for free, we would go out of business in no time…


Thank you for making this topic! Much needed.

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I have a couple questions about editing. I would be interested in contributing, however I’m unsure if able. What kind of software do you need to do it? Also how long do you typically spend on an average airport? I would also like a chance to watch the tutorials to make sure I could actually do it so I will be emailing. Thanks for this post!