Airport EDDB in Germany is getting ready

It is the chaos construction site par excellence. Once again, a new opening date was announced for BER airport. Actually, the company should start on October 30, 2011


The capital’s airport BER can be completed in the summer of 2019, according to airport chief Engelbert Lütke Daldrup. Then the so-called Wirkprinzipprüfungen could begin to test the facilities, said Lütke Daldrup on Tuesday in the airport committee of the Brandenburg State Parliament.


However, there is still disagreement with the TÜV experts about whether the tests could begin at the beginning of the summer or at the end of the summer. The door is expected to last longer than the management. In any case, the tests could be completed in the fall of 2019, said the airport chief. This is necessary to open the BER as planned in autumn 2020.


I am sorry but what airport is BER? It doesnt say in your post and makes the whole topic somewhat confusing to read

Berlin German capital city

Can you maybe add that to your post so people aren’t confused like I am? Not anything bad but it’s kinda confusing when it just says BER

Please look the title😉 @N1RG

Thanks! It makes everything less confusing!

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Not saying this is a dup, but it has a link to a pretty good article

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yes of course but this article is about what’s wrong and in my article it’s all about opening it now!

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This airport has been “getting ready” for a very long while I remember seeing photos over so long about. Maybe now it actually almost finished

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One word between Germans:
Do you really think that it is possible to finish that? They won’t open in 2020 because disagreements and mistakes everywhere.

I think when I die, BER won’t be finished. Air Berlin, the biggest airline that planned with BER died (because they thought BER might be finished in time), Lufthansa dont want to leave Tegel and a lot of others also prefer Tegel and Schönefeld. There isnt a use for this airport at the moment

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Low cost will using this airport…

Ryanair and Easyjet got low cost slots from Airberlin and a good status in Tegel and Schönefeld. They dont have a good reason to change, the price wouldn’t get lower and passenger’s would need to travel further and thaf would be bad for Business. Also other Airlines dont want to plan with BER.

There are currently 0 Airlines who work together with BER to fly from BER later.

Sad but true, BER will be a VW parking lot and that’s it

Ouh and I forgot, low cost pay less because the slots had be needed to replace so low cost airlines fly at very low prices at Tegel because Tegel needs them. It works very well in Berlin, without BER.

I dont like those plans because 0 Airlines would use it

Given that they’ve announced five or six “opening” dates that have come and gone, I wouldn’t be expecting it to be open any time soon.

The whole project looks a disgrace - €5 billion over budget and with a 7-year-plus delay on the opening it’s really nothing more than a problematic joke.

I can’t believe this airport would ever work as a hub for both legacy carriers as well as low cost carriers when Tegel is still open. You have a longer way down town and the airport is already too small. Lufthansa has moved all operations to Frankfurt and Munich, so the original plan to operate long-haul is scrapped already.

I predict this airport will become a big low cost carrier hub. :(

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