Airport disappears while on approach [FIMP]


I was flying from FAOR to FIMP, when I landed I noticed that the runway was so short that I wouldn’t be able to full stop the A330 (IRL, this aircraft operates to and from FIMP). I reached the end of the part of the runway that was visible and then received a warning because I was over 35kts (I was slowing down over what it was supposed to be a runway) so I had to end the flight before I got any violations.

Afterwards, I checked the replay of that flight and noticed that while I was on approach the whole airport was there but then, somehow half of it went missing and never reappeared.

I leave some screenshots to show what happened.

In this screenshot the airport is still visible:

One second after, all I could see was this:

Thanks for your help!

This sometimes happens, although I notice this issue to happen more often after version 19.2. You should clear the scenery cache after the flight.

Same thing happened with me when I controlled KSFO on expert server. Half of the runway 28R and 28 L disappeared, my issue was solved after I restarted infinity flight app.

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