Airport disappears on final

Flying into MPTO today and about 1nm out half of the airport disappeared

Went around, and then it looked like it had rendered back, then on final again it disappeared.

Had no connection issues or anything, so not sure if anyone has had this issue before.

Maybe…clear scenery cache?😏

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First, verify that you have plenty of free storage space. Not having free space could cause this to occur.

The other option usually happens when the scenery stream from our servers to your device becomes corrupt for some reason.

To resolve this issue, please try the following steps:

  • Relaunch Infinite Flight (make sure you stop it from running in the background first)
  • Before starting a new flight, Go to Settings —> General —> Tap “Clear scenery cache”. It’s in the bottom.
  • Start a flight (try on Solo first)

Thanks, I figured that might be the case. I try to clear the cache somewhat regularly. This was a first though so thanks for the help

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