Airport disappears after landing when changing camera view

After taxiing off the runway at Copenhagen I switched camera to get a better view of my route to the gate. However this caused the airport to dissapear and I was taxiing on the satellite imagery instead. After about 10 seconds the airport reappeared, but when I switched back to cockpit view in order to taxi, the issue repeated.

I would try clearing your scenery cache. That’s usually the most common issue.

Happens to me too…vanishing airports ! Never had this issue until 22.4. I never clear my Scenery Cache for 4 years and my airports didn’t vanish.
So why now I ask 🤔

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Never was an issue for me until 22.4. Infact it was recommended not to keep clearing it .
This issue started with 22.4

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by airport disappearing do you mean the ground surface?

4 years not clearing scenery cache?!
I guess the principle don’t fix it if it’s ain’t broke come to mind😅

I clear every 4-5 flights as routine

Yeah, some devices don’t require it but it really just depends.

Yeah, and the buildings

My device sometimes crashes if I clear scenery cache mid flight

It just seems weird that the issue is only presenting itself when changing camera view. It dissapears then reappeares, therefore I believe it may be a different bug compared to runways not loading in when people are ok final etc.

You’re not supposed to clear scenery cache mid flight, I never do this.

for me it sometimes happens where the ground disappears but not buildings…when i change camera views…what i do is i zoom in a bit and the ground reappears

Yeah I get what you mean.
It could a bug not picked up and fixed, it could be the issues relating to the maintenance of the live server, it could be the scenery cache needs clearing.

Were your global server showing green tick? If it turns to red with an exclamation mark (!) it’s because of issues with capacity of memory on device.

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Yeah connection was all green

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