Airport Disappeared

I already tried clear cache but didn’t work!
It ruins the experience!
Someone help PLZ

And this was at KATL(Atlanta)

Have you restart the app?

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I’ll try it know


To resolve your issue, please try the following steps:

• Relaunch Infinite Flight (make sure you stop it from running in the background first)

• Also try to log out then back in on your account

• Then try to start another flight.

Note: In some rare cases, the steps above aren’t enough. If that should be the case, you will have to reinstall Infinite Flight.
Is your wifi connection strong? What is your device model?


You can already tell that he is on Global because of the ATC headset on the bottom left.

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The OP has already tried that.

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@Trevor_A He already did it.

Yep see that now but surprised that didnt work well try what was suggested above


My device is IPad 2017.
when I restarted the app it shows the airport know but, the airport disappeared around 200 feet on final so I don’t want this to happen again.

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Sometime it happen in once a while. You should be fine.


Ok thanks!
Any way to prevent this from happening again or to solve it without restarting the app?

Did someone crash on landing, Again? 😂

What do you mean?

The only real way to prevent it from happening is Clear Cache before your flight then make sure you dont exit out of IF or lose wifi connection. Those are really the only ways to prevent this from happening although it shouldn’t happen very often

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Thanks very mich guys!!
I really appreciate the help;)