Airport Diagram Program in Infinite Flight

You can also look up the VORS in each state/region online. It doesn’t have to come directly from the sector files but yes, VRC doesn’t come with the VORS directly installed. Very helpful stuff :)

Nice idea David. If you need help, I can help.

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Dush if you would like to help, PM me on Slack or on here.

so you think this will be released to infinite flight in some months?

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The program will be released for Windows in a few months. No exact time is set.

How will you get free SID/STAR data?

The SID/Star Data will be received via the VATSIM network, charts, as well as online forums and searches. Mainly the first two.

Ok so this will be more like a library of images?

Not exactly. Once the demo video comes out, it’ll be easier to understand what I’m saying. It’s quite hard to describe it. Much easier to show :)

Hello David how can i get an Airport Editor for Infinite Flight?

Contact @carmalonso