Airport Diagram Program in Infinite Flight

Hello all Infinite Flight enthusiasts. I have a quick and short but big announcement. Today I have some very special news! After about 3 months of planning, we are in the development phase of a new program for Infinite Flight. This program will include the diagram of the airport with the taxi routes included at the exact spot of the airport. With Cameron (Hopefully) on board, we plan on using the exact same charts in both LiveFlight and this program for both pilot and ATC purposes. Many other features that will be included are VORS, NBDS, Departure Routes, and much much more! We are super excited to bring you the development of this program. Stay tuned to the forum for more information in the coming months!

Below are images that we hope the program turns out to be like. The program with the VORS and Waypoints is called VRC which is used by VATSIM for ATC. We hope to incorporate something similar into Infinite Flight.


Yes thank you!


I’m a bit confused, where will all this information be?

I’m confused. Who is “we”?

Also, would integrating parking names in the diagram be of interest? I feel that would be more enticing than taxiway names… ;)

A project that big and complex cannot aimple be completed by one person. Unless that person is Superman. Or Misha in that case


Is this live now? Also is this only in live?

It’s not out, still in development according to David’s post.

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Ah I re-read it! Thanks Henrik!

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I’d prefer having all this build-in to the IF app…
It’s still very nice stuff though :)


I have compiled a few more questions for you, David.

  1. Has Cameron confirmed that he will integrate this program into LiveFlight? (I know you said, “hopefully”, but is there any other information?)
  2. How will the addition of VORs, NBDS, and departure routes benefit the usage of Infinite Flight? (Presuming that these charts will not be available in Infinite Flight.)
  3. If Cameron denies attaching these charts into LiveFlight, where will they be held?

I also want to inform you that a lot of Infinite Flight users only have one device, and that is to run Infinite Flight. Not many have a second device or computer that can keep these charts open when they are utilizing Infinite Flight. You understand that you are targeting a small audience, right?

Sounds like a great idea though. Would definitely increase the quality of realism.


Henrik I’ll answer your questions shortly. :)


Will it be only for Live or for both Solo and Live? I haven’t been so anxious after reading about an update!

I’m guessing you can access these charts whether you’re on Live or Solo. Remember, it’s not implemented in Infinite Flight, it’s seperate, so if you have a second device you should be able to read them.

So there won’t be taxiway signs on the IF map?

No, this is a separate program. As far as I know, there is no planned integration into Infinite Flight. I’m certainly not the right person to speak to though, David is the one to contact.


@Laurens - Implementing it into Infinite Flight is much harder than it sounds. We are using this as a basic step for the developers to see this and “take” our code and implement it into Infinite Flight. (Believe me, we’ve tried asking)


  1. Cameron has similar things (don’t want to spoil it) for LiveFlight planned. Ours is a program designed specifically for ATC. We can’t give a definite answer as of now.

  2. Who is we? We is myself and someone else who doesn’t really want to be introduced. He has 27 years of software development under his belt so need not to worry.

  3. We don’t have a plan for this if it falls through, but it most likely won’t happen. Obviously I can’t speak for Cam and what his plans are.

Yes, we know we are working in a small field, but based on the amount of people who use LiveFlight, we figured it would be enough. As stated before, this is for ATC only. No pilot will have access to this program. (We haven’t decided on if we are allowing the use of this for Playground controllers) That’s what we (hopefully) plan on using LiveFlight for. the pilots view.

Not for pilot purposes? This says otherwise. :)

Implementing it into LiveFlight would be for the pilot and this would be for ATC. I could see were you would mistake that.

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The implementation of VORS, Departure Plans, and Taxiway names would be very beneficial to the ATC. Yes, the pilots wouldn’t be able to see it, but eventually I am sure that VORS will be added to Infinite Flight. With VORS comes departure plans. We figure it’s best to implement it now so that we won’t have to do it later. Plus, this would help the ATC become more familiar with real world procedures and operations.

Nice, I don’t think VRC itself has the navigational data (like VOR’s) though. You’d get those from sector files, which are usually maintained by a staff member in each VATSIM ARTCC.