Airport design mistakes

At the shortest runway in the world (ICAO code: TNCS) there should be no hill or mountain or hill behind runway 12. Destin problems are also in lukla where there is no sloped runway, and dubai minhab Air Force base where it’s just a runway and taxiway no matter the fact that it is a large Air Force base. This issue should be fixed, don’t you think?

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There currently isn’t sloped runways in the game. They will be added in an upcoming update Laura said in a Flight Cast. Also you should contact the editing team, not FDS

There are a few topographical issues known as the hill you mentioned. And it will be fixed.
Sloped runways are not supported.

The final thing is about airport editing. Far from all airports are edited, and will be dealt within time. You are more than welcome to join the team and help speed up the process :)