Airport Data Glitch?


Landed in Tegel… seems to be something wrong with the airport data

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Yes this happened when I went to control San Diego, because the loading screen to fly won’t let me actually fly.

This may be because the servers are overloaded.


I suppose it was the servers crashing because of global

Yeh im sure its going to be dealt with :P

  • NO taxi lines at EGLL
  • DISPLACED runway. Creates a weird sense of depth. NEEDS URGENT FIXING
  • Aircraft seems to be stuck in the ground.
  • Shadow moves on top of the aircraft at times.

This was captured after a flight from EHAM to EGLL. B77W Orange Pride livery. IPad Air 2, latest iOS.

Note: Gobal server error (top right corner, check mark went red.)


at least yours has a runway xD

You maybe didn’t read but Philippe asked to people having access to Global to quit the game for release the server a bit

I was flying at the time. I never went on the community to check what Philippe said. I started the flight about an hour ago.

me too i think my flight started over an hour and a half ago

Same thing happened to me, it seems to be everywhere.

This is due to the loading issue.