Airport communication

Is there a feature in the works for atc to contact other near by active airport to alert for a diverted airplane like say if LAX is too busy they can send the plane to Ontario international or San Diego or Burbank

This isn’t really needed. For Expert Server, IFATC Controllers are required to be in communication with each other in our Discord server when staffing frequencies. In addition all communication logs for each aircraft are included for every subsequent controller along with destination/procedure/approach type data that is displayed at all times on our screen.


To add to what @Metier said, it’s not the ATC’s decision. They can say that the airport isn’t accepting inbound traffic, but they won’t just send you to some airport. Where to go is the pilot’s decision. So the pilot would request to divert to, say, Burbank, then it’s just a standard hand off to whatever controller is needed.