Airport Colours

Why are some airports green coloured at some time and different airport green at others?

Like Heathrow was green like the image above and now it’s not

is it weather or something like that ?


Airport with green means there’s active ATC


Hey Mate! That basically means that airport has a controller :)


Green airports indicate that ATC is active there. In addition to that, if you see an (APP) next to the airport, there’s also an active radar controller.


Thanks Guys

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Alternatively - What does a red dot mean? IFR conditions? Something with weather I reckon…?

Nice shot lol. It means there is an active ATC :D

Correct, DeerCrusher made a topic about this for the other colours the dot may be.

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Sweet, thanks for the link!

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A red dot means that it is IFR only. A white is limited VFR and green is VFR

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